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STEAMWORKS (formally Discovery Project) is a not-for-profit organisation on a mission to get more children engaged in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, maths and making). We help schools and communities provide more opportunities to get kids involved by running a range of outstanding schemes throughout the UK. These include after-school FabLabs, workshop days, teacher CPD, Junior Science Ambassadors and MakerEd UK. We also provide expert advice and consultancy on STEM and STEAM outreach and education.


We believe that it is essential to include design and creativity with science, technology, engineering and maths, to allow children to innovate and create amazing things! If we look closely, it has always been there, but just not recognised. Think of the beautiful mathematical spirals in nature, or the fusion of creativity and precision in architecture. Engineering uses design and physics to create beautifully useful things. Science, technology, engineering and maths are playing an increasingly important role in future careers, but we must fuse these with creative thought to help young people flourish so they can play a part in making the future.

After school FabLabs

Our Junior FabLab STEAM (STEM) clubs allow 4-11 year olds to explore science, technology, engineering and maths through hands-on, creative after school clubs in their school. Each club contains either a practical challenge, an experiment or a project to make and take home. STEM or STEAM Clubs are a great way for young people to explore how things work, tinker and explore. If you would like to start a Junior FabLab in your school, get in touch and we will see if we have club leaders free in your area. If you would like to become a Junior FabLab club leader, we would love to hear from you!

Need something more challenging?

Our Junior FabLab Technical clubs are aimed at Y5&6 pupils and combine design & technology with computing, robotics, electronics and 3D printing. During each half term block, children work towards designing and making a product they can take home. They learn loads of new technical skills such as soldering and 3D CAD modelling and make things such as personalised keyrings manufactured using a 3D printer and USB powered lamps.

Junior Science Ambassadors

We want to help every school raise the profile of science and get children really involved by helping them to lead the science agenda in school. The Junior Science Ambassador scheme helps to empower children through science, by training a small group in science communication and equipping them with the tools and expertise to become science ambassadors.

“Fabulous way to get kids excited by science! Brilliantly enthusiastic facilitator, whose love of science shone through!”

- Headteacher, Rotherham

Maker education

In 2017 we launched MakerEd UK to help raise the profile of maker education across the United Kingdom.  We are working closely with the Institute of Education at Sheffield Hallam University to provide schools with help and support in offering children an opportunity to own and lead their learning through making.  To find out more about MakerEd UK and how we can help get your community making, visit the MakerEd UK website.

3D Printing for Primary Schools Scheme

As part of MakerEd UK, we have teamed up with Colido 3D Printers to help primary schools establish a programme of maker education, starting with getting everyone 3D printing! We have lots of free lesson resources and help with training and fund raising to get a printer for your school.

Activity workshops

We run STEM and STEAM based enrichment workshops, career awareness and outreach days in schools and colleges. Whether it is British Science week, Space Week, International Women in Engineering Day or any other day for that matter, we can bring all the resources and expertise to give your pupils a day they will never forget!

Corporate events

STEAMWORKS is not just for kids! We want everyone to have a go at getting creative with science, technology, engineering and making. Are you looking for a team building challenge or ways to promote positive mental health? Our activities can be designed to suit the needs of your organisation and you will be amazed at how creative your team can be!

Work for us - join the team

At STEAMWORKS we are always on the lookout for amazing people to join our team. We would love to hear from you if you think you have what it takes to engage and inspire the next generation in STEAM!

“The STEAMWORKS team have been brilliant in helping us to provide our children with lots of exciting learning opportunities in STEM over the past few years. Our Junior Science Ambassadors love their role and we now have a 3D printer! Next stop – a makerspace!”

Headteacher, Northfield Junior School

“I love our FabLab afterschool club because we do so many cool things. My favourite thing is when we make things to take home like lava lamps and slime!”

Ruby, age 8

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Take floating and sinking a step further by adding salt, sugar and bicarbonate of soda to cups of water. Does a toy sink in plain water? How about in the other solutions? https://t.co/lvpEPlQDGO

For a bit more colour and mess, how about trying some marbling with shaving cream. You can make this into a fantastic card or calendar. Check out the science behind it at Cool Science. https://t.co/ksbfR1Qe2e

We're all about colour today, so here's a chance to
discover how acids and alkalines react while
having a whole lot of multi-coloured fun! Perfect for
ages 2 - 102! https://t.co/miknBRrthF

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We're looking for FabLab assistants! If you would like a part time job helping at our after-school clubs please get in touch. Email helen@steamworks.org.uk
This role would suit those in full time education who would like to earn some extra money at the same time as adding valuable work experience to their CV.Join the team!
We are on the lookout for exceptional people to join our team. Do you have a background in primary education? If so, we'd love to hear from you!
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We love this Lego cow made during a game of Lego Dictionary in Bradway School. If we'd had 4,024 hours and more than 600,000 bricks we could have tried one of these amazing creations which were on display in Cardiff during February! ow.ly/rWZd30j2YIm ... See MoreSee Less

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How high can you go? Our teams used bamboo skewers and masking tape for some pretty impressive results! ow.ly/pdel30j2WWS ... See MoreSee Less

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We're all about colour today, so here's a chance to discover how acids and alkalines react while having a whole lot of multi-coloured fun! Perfect for ages 2 - 102! ow.ly/zziW30j0lV0 ... See MoreSee Less

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Ready for some April showers? Why not have a go at making your own. Rain has never been so much fun! Find out all about the water cycle here; if you don't want to use hot water, try taping the bag to a sunny window. ow.ly/mrq230iZ2Xr ... See MoreSee Less

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