Meet the STEAMWORKS Team- Emily Bill
22 Jul 2021 Meet the Team
Find out what our team members go on to do as we speak to Emily, a club leader for three years before becoming a secondary school teacher.
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4 DIY STEM experiments you can do in 10 minutes
20 Jul 2021 Experiments, STEAM / STEM
Here are 4 science and engineering activities you can get done in ten minutes so you can spend more time figuring out how it all works.
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Meet the STEAMWORKS Team- Charlotte Brown
15 Jul 2021 Meet the Team
In this Meet the Team, we’ll introduce you to Charlotte Brown. She’s a FabLab club leader and and student at the University of Sheffield.
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Primary School Science in the UK
13 Jul 2021 News, Primary Science
Science is supposed to be a core subject in UK schools, but is it really? We’ll look at what the primary school science curriculum, what schools teachers and pupils think, and what their options are for getting more of it into the classroom.
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Meet the STEAMWORKS Team- Angela Blackwell
8 Jul 2021 Meet the Team
We’d like to introduce you to Angela. She’s a long standing club leader at STEAMWORKS trying to make kids as enthusiastic about science as she is.
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Sheffield and STEM- Science in the Steel City
6 Jul 2021 STEAM / STEM
Move over silicon valley. MIT? Never heard of it. Look no further than capital of South Yorkshire for an inspirational and proud engineering past. As a steel producing industrial juggernaut in the 19th century, and home to two universities with high profile discoveries and alumni to their names too, ...
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