Primary Science

Fun with sand!
September, 2018 No Comments Primary Science, STEAM / STEM
FUN WITH SAND! Never mind expensive toys and computer games; sand and a bucket and spade can keep children occupied all day. Why not set up a temporary sand pit in the garden or playground for younger children? Experimenting with wet and dry sand and a variety of implements ...
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Super Simple Slime
Super Simple Slime Whenever we ask the children what they would like to make at FABLAB, the answer is always slime. Luckily here at STEAM Works we’re a little slime obsessed and have a ridiculous number of recipes but here’s our best recipe for simple slime for you to ...
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Rainbow Magic – Science Investigation
Rainbow Magic – Science Investigation This is a firm favourite at our after-school clubs but works well as a primary science investigation! We layer liquids in a test tube but a plastic cup will do just as well. To start, put the same volume of coloured water, oil and ...
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Speaking Science
Speaking Science in the Primary Classroom Here are some great definitions to help children talk about science in the classroom.  (taken from   Animal homes Bird nests, beehives, and anthills. These are all animal homes. Just like our homes, they’re safe places where animals can live with their families. Axle & ...
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Using Science Ambassadors in school
Using Science Ambassadors in school Science Ambassadors in primary schools can be a great way of getting the whole school buzzing about science! We know teachers are pressed for time and that science takes a back seat over English and Maths, so we think it makes a lot of ...
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