26 Apr 2022 News, Science Ambassadors

Explore and Amaze- new Young Science Ambassadors activity programme

For 2022, we’ve released a brand new activity scheme for our Young Science Ambassadors. It’s packed full of new experiments to amaze and inspire the next generation of STEM specialists!

Since starting in 2018, STEAMWORKS has taken the Young Science Ambassador initiative to dozens of locations across the length and breadth of the UK. We’ve trained countless students to be the bosses of their own science teaching in their schools.

We’re thrilled to reveal our new activities programme, Explore and Amaze. The programme contains 15 new experiments which Young Science Ambassadors get to present for their fellow students.

This comes as a more advanced sequel to Discover and Dazzle, our popular first Young Science Ambassador programme. We’ve designed Explore and Amaze as the perfect compliment to our other programme, and as an excellent standalone introduction to science communication!

Here’s a first look at one of our new experiments:

The new activity pack is specially assembled with the primary school science curriculum in mind. So, not only will students learn how to perform some spectacular experiments, they’ll also explore the science behind it.

For the last month, we’ve trained our latest batch of new Science Ambassadors using the Explore and Amaze activities. In the coming weeks, they’ll take these experiments to the rest of their school to prove exactly how amazing science is.

What is a Young Science Ambassador?

Young Science Ambassadors is our nationwide scheme that allows students to take control of the science learning in their primary schools. We hold day-long enrichment days and training sessions for groups of 4 to 6 to become Science Ambassadors.

Young Science Ambassadors lead the promotion of science in their schools. They prove to their classmates that anyone of any age can be a scientist.

A team from STEAMWORKS visits your school and spends the day teaching your specially selected team. They’ll tackle each experiment one by one, going through the science and the basics of good communication along the way.

But it doesn’t end when the training day is over- the new Young Science Ambassadors then take on the role of teacher themselves! Through afterschool STEM clubs, assemblies and special lessons they educate every other fellow student!

Learning to become a Science Ambassador isn’t just about the science. Most of their training is about how to communicate effectively, from planning demonstrations and adapting to different audiences. Not only that, they’ll build an invaluable level of self-confidence they can take with them anywhere!


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