3 Oct 2019 Experiments, Primary Science, STEAM / STEM
Autumn is definitely upon us as the leaves begin their beautiful transition to red and gold. Let’s get out for some fun in the fresh air and a % helping of science thrown in!
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Super Simple Slime
Super Simple Slime Whenever we ask the children what they would like to make at FabLab, the answer is always slime. Luckily here at STEAM Works we’re a little slime obsessed and have a ridiculous number of recipes but here’s our best recipe for simple slime for you to ...
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Rainbow Magic – Science Investigation
Rainbow Magic – Science Investigation This is a firm favourite at our after-school clubs but works well as a primary science investigation! We layer liquids in a test tube but a plastic cup will do just as well. To start, put the same volume of coloured water, oil and ...
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