Meet the STEAMWORKS Team- Alice Featherstone
23 Jun 2022 Meet the Team
Meet the Team- Alice Featherstone Today, we’re speaking to the fantastic Alice. She’s led FabLabs across South Yorkshire and Derbyshire for months. We ask her about being a great role model for the girls in her workshops, and why STEAMWORKS has rebooted her teaching career. We can’t believe it’s ...
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Women in Engineering Day 2021: getting girls into STEM
23 Jun 2021 STEAM / STEM
It’s International Women in Engineering Day 2021! We’re celebrating all women, past and present, whose involvement in STEM has made the world a better place.
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International Women in Engineering Day 2018
                       International Women in Engineering Day 2018 Disaster Relief in the UK – Using your STEM skills to rebuild communities 22 June 2018 at Sheffield Hallam University     Sheffield Hallam University in partnership with the Arconic Foundation and STEAM Works ...
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