Meet the STEAMWORKS Team- Jacki Rowley
30 Jun 2021 Meet the Team
In the first of our meet the team series we speak to Jacki Rowley. She’s our Senior Consultant and all-round right-hand woman at STEAMWORKS.
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3 Oct 2019 Experiments, Primary Science, STEAM / STEM
Autumn is definitely upon us as the leaves begin their beautiful transition to red and gold. Let’s get out for some fun in the fresh air and a % helping of science thrown in!
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6 Mar 2019 Experiments, STEAM / STEM
VERNAL EQUINOX SLIME Here at STEAMWORKS we’re always looking for new and exciting slime ideas. While experimenting with black and gold slime we started linking it to day and night, and being so close to the March 19th decided it would be a great idea to teach children about ...
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28 Nov 2018 Primary Science, Science Ambassadors, STEAM / STEM
INTERVIEW WITH FERN HOLROYD – YOUNG SCIENCE AMBASSADORS SCHEME In today’s blog we’re talking to Fern Holroyd, the project co-ordinator for our Young Science Ambassadors scheme. Fern has been leading the project since June this year and has worked with 39 schools and teachers and over 150 children to ...
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17 Oct 2018 Primary Science, Science Ambassadors, STEAM / STEM
SHOUT ABOUT SCIENCE In this blog we’ll be looking specifically at the way in which presentation skills are a focus in our ‘Young Ambassadors’ training days. “The national curriculum for science reflects the importance of spoken language in pupils’ development across the whole curriculum – cognitively, socially and linguistically. ...
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15 Oct 2018 Uncategorized
OUTDOOR MATHS Still on the outdoor theme today but this time with a fun Maths activity. And at the same time, children can appreciate the glorious Autumn colours at this time of year.   The aim is to measure a particularly tall tree, but a building will do if ...
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25 Sep 2018 Primary Science, Science Ambassadors, STEAM / STEM
  GET YOUR WHOLE SCHOOL BUZZING ABOUT SCIENCE! “What is science? Is it a body of facts, to be memorised and regurgitated? Or is it a method for finding out facts and testing and refining ideas?” Katherine Mathieson, TES blog. In today’s blog we’ll be looking at our Young ...
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Magic sand
17 Sep 2018 No Comments Primary Science, STEAM / STEM
AQUA SAND Here in South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire we’re almost as far from the sea as you can get in England, so we have to bring the beach here! Today’s recipe is for Aqua Sand, also known as Magic Sand. You’ll see why!   Equipment: Coloured sand (3 ...
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Digital Animation Club @ Eckington Junior School
18 May 2018 No Comments STEAM / STEM
Digital Animation Club @ Eckington Junior School Over the past 5weeks, we have been running a Digital Animation club and using Stop Motion to create some amazing animations at Eckington Junior School.  The children soon got to grips with the tablets, tripods, animation app and props and set about ...
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