Using Science Ambassadors in school

Science Ambassadors in primary schools can be a great way of getting the whole school buzzing about science! We know teachers are pressed for time and that science takes a back seat over English and Maths, so we think it makes a lot of sense to get the children to play their part in raising the profile of science in school.

How can my Science Ambassadors use their skills?
Every school can use science ambassadors in different ways, depending on what suits them. Here are some of the best uses of science ambassadors we’ve seen:

  • Mini science club
    Setting up a mini science club brings out the ‘teacher’ in your science ambassadors! It gives them an opportunity to set up mini experiments and activities for other children to come along and try.
  • Science show or assembly
    You will be amazed to see your science ambassadors standing proudly in their lab coats wowing the audience with disappearing water tricks and explaining what air pressure is in a way that everyone can understand!
  • Recording science around school
    Many children are unaware that they are actually doing science! Your Science Ambassadors can help address this by capturing science lessons as they happen. Let your ambassadors have a notice board and allow them to display all the science going on for all to see!
  • Shout about science
    Let the wider school community, including parents and governors, know just how much science is happening in school with a newsletter or blog written by your Science Ambassadors.
  • Lesson support
    Your Science Ambassadors will be great at supporting science lessons throughout the school.

However you choose to use your Science Ambassadors, let them use all their enthusiasm and responsibility to help tell everyone about the sciencey things you get up to at school.

Don’t have Science Ambassadors? Get in touch and we can arrange to run the Science Ambassador programme in your school. We are currently working hard to produce a specialised FS/KS1 programme and also a programme designed for children with special educational needs. For more information visit the Young Science Ambassadors page