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STEAM Ambassador Workshops for UK Primary Schools

Young Science Ambassadors

Young Science Ambassadors is an outstanding national scheme that allows your pupils to take the lead in championing and raising the profile of science across the school. Your Young Science Ambassadors will be equipped with bags of confidence, heaps of science activities and a big box of accessible equipment.

We come to your school and spend the day training a group of 4 to 6 pupils to become Science Ambassadors. The children experience a range of hands-on practical activities and learn the science behind them. They receive a set of lab coats and a big box of kit to help them perform a range of science-based roles at school. 

Empowering pupils to lead science in schools

After this training, they will be on hand to promote practical science throughout the school in a number of ways. Here are some of our favourites!

  • Science show assemblies
  • Lunchtime science clubs
  • Entertaining waiting parents on open evenings
  • School fair stall
  • Playground interactive science show
  • Science week activities
  • Recording and reporting on science in school

Of course, you can decide how to make the most out of your Science Ambassadors’ knowledge and enthusiasm – it’s up to you!

Science Experiment YSA

“Well organised, informative and fun! A great opportunity to develop a structure to raise the profile of science in our school. I loved seeing my kids grow in confidence as the day went on.”

Headteacher - Wisewood Primary School

“The most awesome day of my life! I have learnt so much about science and it was so much fun! The best bit was making the water tornado.”

Kate, aged 10

“It was amazing! There was comedy and there was science! I learnt loads of new stuff and can’t wait to start being a science ambassador back at school. KABOOM, MIND BLOWN!”

Adam, aged 9

Take Part

Enrol in a leading science program

Young Science Ambassadors is not just about science! It is an exciting way to help children learn the skills to present activities to others. Much of the training to become an ambassador is about learning how to effectively communicate and help others understand the science behind experiments.

The training guides the new science ambassadors in how to plan effective science demonstrations, by engaging different audiences and explaining tricky science concepts. During the training, ambassadors have lots of opportunities to practice their new skills and develop confidence in presenting to people they don’t know. This equips them with invaluable skills for a lifetime!

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If you have any more questions about Young Science Ambassadors program, please get in touch using our contact form or the details below:

Email: enquiries@steamworks.org.uk

Mobile: Helen Bell on 07876 705823

The Science Ambassadors Scheme is run by STEAMWORKS, a UK based team of educators, makers and scientists providing opportunities for all young people to experience STEM.